Got Questions?

If you have questions...I have answers. Please refer to the list below for the most popular list of FAQ's.

If you don't see your question, please shoot me an e-mail at: or give me a call at 501.607.0090

What is your style of wedding photography?

  • My style of wedding photography is documentary. I tell a story with my photos: Your wedding day. I photograph the events of your wedding as it unfolds, without interference or intrusion. Aside from your family and wedding party formals, the vast majority (more than 90%) of my photos are spontaneous, natural and candid. If a wedding photographer poses and styles their "candid" moments, then it's not a candid moment. If you are looking for a wedding photographer who stages and sets up everything, including their so-called "candid" moments, then I am not the wedding photographer for you. If you want real moments and real pictures, let's talk.

Can I send you my Pinterest Board of all of the poses, styles and ideas I like?

  • The short answer is an emphatic NO! A large portion (but certainly not all) of the wedding-related photos you see on Pinterest are from styled shoots. This simply means it's a collaborated photo shoot with: paid models, makeup artists, florists and stylists to "create" wedding day styles. It's a carefully crafted and controlled photo shoot and is in NO WAY close to reality. If the photos are actually from someone's wedding, you need to understand it's not YOUR wedding. Your wedding will not look exactly like someone else's wedding. Also, when you hire me (or any other photographer) because you like their look, style and poses and then ask them to shoot what you've handed them from your Pinterest Board, you've unknowingly insulted me (and them). It's like saying, "Hey I like your work, but I don't trust you enough to shoot what I want so give me photos like this." Now if you want to send me your Pinterest photos to show me your ideas on your reception decor, colors, florals...etc., I love seeing those, send 'em over! Just know that KES Weddings has a certain look and style so I will not EVER alter my shooting style or change my color-correction style to suit anyone. So in the end, if you're expecting photos like what you're seeing on Pinterest, then I am not the photographer for you, but I am happy to refer you to others.

Do I get to keep my digital negatives?

  • Yes! I offer digital printing rights on all packages. When you see the phrase “High-resolution photos on a USB with printing rights” that means you will get to keep your digital negatives. You will receive your images on a USB when the wedding album is delivered so you can make additional reprints or enlargements any time you want.

But we want to use an engagement photo from our USB for our Save the Dates? How does that work?

  • If you need a photo or two from the engagement session for your Save the Date, just let me know. I'll send over a hi-res version of that photo and it's yours. No charge whatsoever!

What should we wear to our engagement photo session?

  • First of all – BE YOU! That goes for the guys too! I tell all my clients to wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable. whether that’s jeans and T-shirt, a skirt and blouse, or their favorite dress. Also, wear whatever colors look best on you. Everyone knows his or her best colors. However, please try to avoid wearing white shirts. White washes out everyone’s skin tones.

I have no idea where to take my bridal and engagement portraits. Do you have suggestions?

  • Yes. I first find out your style. I want to know the look and feel my clients want for their photos. After that, I can recommend a variety of locations, but in the end, the choice will be yours.

If we hire Photography by KES Weddings, will you be the photographer?

  • Yes. When you hire me, you get me. I will not hand you over to an associate. I photograph every single wedding for all my clients, however I do work with a second photographer for every wedding.

I want two photographers for my wedding? How much extra is a second photographer?

  • ZERO.  All of my packages include two photographers.

Do you photograph weddings outside of Little Rock or in other states?

  • Yes. I most certainly travel outside of central Arkansas. There is no charge for travel on the wedding day within Arkansas. My fee for travel outside of Arkansas will be minimal, mostly to cover the cost of hotel and fuel. Most of my clients have booked me without meeting me first. They trusted the quality of my work they saw on my website.

Do I get any “posed” photos?

  • Of course! While my style of photography is documentary, you certainly get posed formal photos of both your wedding party and family. Parents and grandparents especially love the formally posed photos.

How soon after you photographed my wedding will I get to view my photos?

  • Your gallery personal gallery will be available to preview within 8-10 weeks although I always strive to get them posted sooner. Your photos will be online for one year.

After I order my photos for my wedding album, how long will it take before I receive it?

  • There are many factors surrounding this. All of my albums are custom-designed and I do all the color-corrections and retouching myself. I work on my albums in the order I receive them so how long to takes varies widely. But once you approve your online proof, you will receive your album in less than 30 days.

I don’t see a wedding collection that suits exactly what I need. Do you work to create custom collections?

  • Absolutely! Call me and we will work to tailor a collection specifically for you.

Can you recommend a ……….?

  • Yes! I can suggest a wide range of other vendors from hair and makeup to cakes and DJs.  Any one I recommend to you I have worked with in the past and trust.  Or you can check out my Preferred Vendors list.

What kind of camera do you use?

  • I have been using Canon for years. I have four Canon camera bodies and five lenses. They are professional grade cameras and not the “Prosumer cameras”  But the type of camera you use does not matter.  It’s the photographer behind the camera that makes the photo.

What happens if you get sick, or have a family emergency and cannot photograph my wedding?

  • If I were to have an emergency, and by that I mean a life or death emergency, my second photographer will step up as the main photographer and I will call on one of my trusted colleagues to step in as their second.

Do you take “Photojournalistic-style” wedding pictures?

  • This question just makes me laugh. I don’t believe there is any such thing as "photojournalistic-style" wedding photos. Either you’re a photojournalist or you’re not.  I’ve been a photographer for more than 22 years with a background in photojournalism for 17 of those years. I do not style or pose my candid photos like some photographer do. I may tell you were to stand, but I'm not going to tell you what to do.... unless it's during the couple portrait session. If I spend all of my time staging and posing "candid" moments, then I'm missing the real ones. It's not my style or my look. If you're expecting all of your photos to be perfectly crafted, posed and styled, then I am not the photographer for you.

What is your background?

  • For nearly 16 years, I was staff photojournalist with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which is the largest newspaper in Arkansas.  In March 2013, I left my position at the newspaper to focus entirely on weddings.  I am a proud member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association:, where I am an International, Award-Winning photographer. I am also a member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers: In 1994, I became a member of the National Press Photographer’s Association: and I served on their Board of Directors from 2004-2009. I have been documenting weddings since 2001.

Do you photograph more than one wedding a day?

  • NEVER! Once you book a date, it belongs solely to you. I never double-book weddings.