Engagements with Megan & Bryan | Little Rock Arkansas Wedding Photographer

I spent a lovely afternoon in October with Megan and Bryan getting to know them as I photographed them during their engagement session at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Two days later they got married.

No, they didn't elope. Both Megan and Bryan live out of state and it was the only opportunity to shoot their engagements. They had wanted them from the start but with their professional schedules, we could not get it coordinated any sooner.

So we met up for a great engagement session. The wedding day was even better! I can't wait to show you those....Coming soon!

Portraits with Fatimah and Ali | Garvan Woodland Gardens | Little Rock Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Fatimah reached out to me early last summer with a lovely e-mail and a simple request. She wrote, "I was looking through your albums and your photos are really wonderful. I was thinking of getting a wedding photo-shoot at some point this year. I’m already married but I did not have a wedding so my husband and I never got to take any photos. I’m not sure how it’s done. I’m flexible with dates whenever it fits your schedule."

I immediately wrote her back. I hate the thought of anyone not having any wedding photos, even if it's just a few.

Since summer was knocking at the door, and since we both HATE the heat, we decided to wait until the fall for their couples photo shoot.

For the first part of our photo session, Fatimah and her husband Ali were dressed in their wedding finery. She bought the dress just for the photo shoot! We spent a perfect Wednesday afternoon in late October at Garvan Woodland Garden's in Hot Springs. If you're wanting to do a photo shoot at Garvan in the fall, mid-week is the time to do it! The gardens was nearly empty. We practically had the place to ourselves.

After the "formal" wedding photos, Fatimah and Ali changed into something a little more casual for a few more photos.

Lindsey & Mark | Garvan Gardens Wedding | KES Weddings

Lindsey & Mark

It didn't just rain on Lindsey & Mark's wedding day, it stormed. I mean it poured down. But a little (a lot) of rain wasn't about to dampen their day. When it rains, it pours. And you still go out and take great photos.

Lindsey and Mark were married on Sunday, May 24 at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Immediately following, they celebrated with friends and family in the Magnolia Room, also at Garvan Gardens.

You can see a ton more photos from their wedding by going to their full gallery by clicking here.

......On a side note......

Couples portraits are some of the most important photos you can take on your wedding day. And they are some of my favorites. It's very, VERY important that you allocate enough time to get in lots of portraits in lots of locations. Lindsey & Mark planned for a 45 minute couples session...and they stuck to it. We did have to divide their session in two because we were interrupted by rain. But we had the time. This was so important. Too many brides run late which forces everything else to get cut short. Or they simply don't want to dedicate the time.

So when you're planning your schedule with your photographer (and hopefully that's me) be sure to allocate at least 30-45 minutes for yours couples session. You won't regret giving up anything, especially reception time, for the photos you'll cherish for years.

Published Wedding

The newest issue of Arkansas Bride magazine has hit the stands and I'm thrilled to have Stephanie and Randy's gorgeous wedding at Garvan Gardens as one of the featured weddings.

You can see their full wedding gallery by going here.

Wedding Day Humor

While I am photographing a wedding, I always shoot a literal, straight-on photo, relatively boring photo of just the bridal bouquets. I incorporate this into my album design. I always ask the bridesmaids to stand a certain way and (try) to hold their bouquets at the same height. They always ask "do we smile?" I tell them "You don't have to, I am only worried about the bouquets." Most of the time, they just talk. These ladies never said a word. I just love the range of blank looks. Then I looked a little closer. The bridesmaids at camera right took advantage of the situation. I really love my job!