Wedding Day Humor

While I am photographing a wedding, I always shoot a literal, straight-on photo, relatively boring photo of just the bridal bouquets. I incorporate this into my album design. I always ask the bridesmaids to stand a certain way and (try) to hold their bouquets at the same height. They always ask "do we smile?" I tell them "You don't have to, I am only worried about the bouquets." Most of the time, they just talk. These ladies never said a word. I just love the range of blank looks. Then I looked a little closer. The bridesmaids at camera right took advantage of the situation. I really love my job!

Stephanie & Randy Ferrell. 10.12.14.

A big congratulations goes out to Stephanie and Randi on their wedding day on Sunday. Mother nature didn't fully cooperate with us and we had to endure a little bit of fog, rain and mist. But the less-than-perfect weather didn't dampen Stephanie and Randi spirits.

We photographed them in the photo below at Garvan Woodlanf Gardens.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for their full wedding gallery.


Stephanie & Randy

Happy Beautiful Wedding Day to Stephanie & Randy!

Stephanie and Randy are getting married later today in Hot Springs, Arkansas at the Anthony Chapel in Garvan Woodland Gardens. Stephanie and Randy traveled all the way from Los Angeles, CA because they both have a mutual love of glass chapels. And the Anthony Chapel is among the top glass chapels in the US!

Here's wishing them a perfect wedding day! Stay tuned and check back later for sneak peek photos!

Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ferrell.

Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ferrell.