Bridals with Andria | Jonesboro, Arkansas | KES Weddings

This lace dress. That plunging neckline. Those bell sleeves. And her stunning face. Andria, and her bridal session, could not have been more perfect.

I met up with and photographed Andria for her bridal session in late June at a private home in Jonesboro. Due to Andria's schedule, we had to start the photo shoot at 8 a.m. With my drive from Little Rock, it required me to get up at oh-my-God-it's-freaking-early 5 a.m. and leave at 5:45.

It was well worth it.

The early morning light was soft enough to provide a lovely hair light without being too harsh. The front fill light was a combination of my 22" beauty dish or my 45" silver and gold reflector held by her cousin.

I was --- and still am -- in love with this dress. So many wedding dresses are so similar. But this one stood out to me. It's plunging neckline was sexy without screaming "hey look here!". The all-lace dress fit Andria's personality and style just perfectly. Two of my favorite aspects with the delicate jeweled belt and the soft bell sleeves. Simply perfect!

After about an hour photographing outside, it was time to head indoors. The morning temps had soared to near 90 degrees and I was a hot mess. I didn't care about how I looked. I wanted to keep Andria cool and comfortable. For the next series, Andria wore two different wedding veils that her two older sisters wore when they got married.

For the last set of photos, we headed over to the Alumni House in the campus of Arkansas State University where Andria went to college. It was also the site of her wedding to Zach (they got married this past weekend) and Andria wanted a few photos taken here. She let her hair down and we had a little less formal and more relaxed last part of the session.

Congratulations to Andria and Zach. 8.1.15.

You can see Andria and Zach's early Spring engagement session by going here.