Engagements with Mary & Ben: A sunrise engagement session. Arkansas Wedding Photogrpahy

I am not a morning person.

Anyone who knows me well knows I do no function well before 9 a.m., especially when I don't have my morning coffee. So when Mary & Ben asked me if I would be up for a sunrise engagement session in late July. I thought about it hard.

For about two seconds.

I've known Mary for nearly 20 years. We first met at Barefoot Yoga Studio when she and I both practiced. When she asked me to photograph her wedding to Ben (another success story) I was deeply honored and very excited. In all seriousness, I never hesitated for a second to get up at 5:30 a.m. The first click of the camera came at 6:14 and it was a perfect session and with a stellar sunrise.

Below are some my faves from their sunrise engagement session.

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