Bridals with Caitlin | Trapnall Hall | Little Rock Arkansas Wedding Photographer

I photographed Caitlin a few weeks ago at Trapnall Hall. When I saw her in her dress I was speechless. Not a crystal, or a bead, or a pearl or a scrap of lace. It didn't need it. The only embellishment was a jeweled belt which was optional.

The dress should fit the bride. And I'm not just talking about the fit of the dress. The style should reflect the style of bride. And this dress was so perfect for her. Elegant, classic and true beauty.

Trapnall Hall was constructed in 1843 in the Greek Revival style of architecture and was once the home of Frederic and Martha Trapnall. The home's architect is unknown, but it was one of the few brick houses in Little Rock at the time that it was built.

This a favorite location of mine. It has several rooms with large windows and each has a unique decor and look. But my favorite it the little courtyard in back. With it's rustic brick with a nice patina of vibrant green moss, a lovely canopy of ornamental trees and decorative ironwork, it's a hidden gem in Little Rock.