Engagements with Sarah and Steven | Little Rock Arkansas Wedding Photographer

I typically don't photograph engagement sessions on Christmas Eve, but for Sarah and Steven, it was a necessity.

Sarah and Steven traveled from their home in Illinois to spend Christmas with Steven's family who live in Little Rock. Our engagement session was originally scheduled for December 27th. They were in town for just a short time and with their professional schedules, traveling back for engagement photos wasn't an option.

The weather forecast for the entire Christmas weekend was miserable. Rain, rain and a lot more rain. But the forecast for Christmas Even was nice. Cool temps and sunny skies. I was scheduled to leave mid afternoon to head to Missouri.

Sarah and Steven flew in to Little Rock late Wednesday, December 23rd. I e-mailed them late in the evening asking if there was a possibility they could sneak away for a few hours on Christmas Eve to get the session in. I hated asking anyone to take time away from family, but I took a chance.

Sarah and Steven were more than happy to meet me and we had a great session. I am so glad I have these two as clients!