Lindsay and Matt: A First Look

Lindsay & Matt Van Parys. 2.7.15

Lindsay & Matt Van Parys. 2.7.15

Sometimes things don't always go as planned. And you get more way than expected.

Lindsay and Matt were supposed to get married on April 11, 2015. They booked me for their wedding back in June. They had planned for a big wedding at one of Little Rock's most popular wedding venues.

But in December, plans changed. Lindsay wrote me apologizing and stating they were going to cancel their big wedding plans and just go ahead and get married. I was perfectly okay with this, but I felt really bad for her.

She later posted on her Facebook page a few weeks later as to why the change of heart:

Announcement ! We've told some of you but, definitely not everyone. Matt and I wanted to let everyone know that we have decided....after the stress, money, time and effort that goes into planning a wedding has started to drain us....we are just going to go for it and get married ASAP! No set date or plans for our ceremony fact....we may just go on a whim next week ...who knows?!?!? But, we are going to have a reception/party on 2/28/15 so that we can still celebrate our marriage with friends and family. We've been thinking about this for several weeks now and decided that we just want to be big fuss....just the two of us. Saying "I do" and focusing on what our vows truly mean instead of stressing over the millions of details. Our families support us 100%. Everyone we've told has said something along the lines of "I think this is a great decision" or "what an excellent idea"! We hope all of you share similar thoughts when you read this and that you will join us to celebrate our marriage! Details and invites to come!

I applaud their decision 1000%.

Too many couples lose sight of what marriage really means. They focus more on the planning and the party, and all too often, then forget themselves along the way.

This brings me back to a blog post I did a few weeks ago on Wedding Day Advice from Real Brides. I polled my 2014 clients and ask them for their own practical wedding day advice. This one response nearly made me cry:

I regret having a wedding at all and my thoughts on it are still pretty bitter. My only advice would be to skip the dumb stuff, take some great pics and  love your husband. Wedding = dumb stuff.  It's great to have a family who loves and cares and wants to be involved in your life. It's terrible when those people offer to help pay for your spectacle of a wedding then don't. Especially when you could have done without it. Engagement, planning and weddings are so exciting and emotional that it's hard to think clearly. I could have done without a wedding, but I also thought it would be really nice. That uncertainty in the face of a mom who wanted a ceremony that "people could see" and friends who had beautiful wedding days - made me want to give it a shot, even though I knew better. I accept responsibility for my decisions but cannot deny that many decisions were made for the happiness of others when we were already completely happy with ourselves. I know one day I will look back on my wedding planning experience and laugh. It just hasn't happened yet. -- brides name withheld.

I'm glad this did not happen to Lindsay and Matt. I don't want this to happen to anyone. What did happen for Lindsay and Matt was a perfectly, lovely intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by those who mattered to them the most, their family --- and each other.

Lindsay and Matt were married on Saturday, February 7th in the quaint chapel at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, Lindsay's childhood church.

Following the ceremony, we headed outside for family photos and couples portraits. Saturday's weather was simply perfect for outdoors photos.

A few days before the wedding, Matt told Lindsay to pack a bag for a few days out of town. Following the wedding, He surprised her with a weekend getaway in Eureka Springs.