Wedding "Do-Overs"

Every year in early January, I poll my wonderful couples from the previous year and ask them if they could have one wedding do-over, what would it be?

I always get an interesting mixed bag of answers. For me, my one wedding do-over would be my music. Eight years ago when I got married, I tried to do things myself (on the cheap) and do my music via my iPod plugged into the reception venue's sound system. I didn't want to spend the money on a DJ so I had a mixed bag of music that I liked...and hoped everyone would like as well. The result?  No one danced. Not a single person got up to dance. I didn't expect a thrown-down party, but I was very sad that no one danced.

I asked the same question to all of my 2014 clients. These answers are in no particular order and all answers are anonymous.


I wouldn't bother my fiance' with so many details regardless of how much I wanted him involved in the planning process. I drove my fiance' crazy with all sorts of decisions that he really didn't want to make. He was perfectly comfortable letting me handle everything and speaking up only about decisions that he truly cared about. That being said, he actually chose the wedding invitations with little input from me, and they turned out beautiful


The only thing I would do differently is set up room blocks for a different hotel. I was trying to do my guests a favor by blocking a hotel near the venue and save them some expense, but the service was terrible.


           Wear comfortable shoes. I wore my heels, and by the end of the night my feet were very sore from standing all day!

Eat a good breakfast! It was a very long day, and I'm used to never eating breakfast. However, my wedding day was the one day that I should've listened to everyone's advice and eaten a good meal to start the day. A beer and Skittles does NOT constitute breakfast!!

Beautiful bride-to-be Missy (at right) and her sister chow down on burgers before getting dressed!   See their gallery here!

Beautiful bride-to-be Missy (at right) and her sister chow down on burgers before getting dressed! See their gallery here!

I wish I would have gotten more RSVP’s somehow. I really didn’t know how to calculate how many yes’s actually meant 60%. I did not sent out an RSVP card as I had friends tell me it was super expensive and no one returned them. Something awful like only 10% were even sent back in. You factor in a card PLUS a stamp, times 300 you are quickly at another $500 pop. (Talk about busting a budget with all these “extra $500 bucks everywhere)  I think the RSVP via email on a invite is TOTALLY TACKY, but we are going to a more “paperless age”.  I am not sure what the right answer is, but I would def advise to research this and attempt on a head count. The last thing you want is to under-estimate and run out of booze or over-estimate and throw $1,000’s of food away.


I wished I had hired someone that was trained to operate our sound system.

When in doubt, call   DJ Breeze   to DJ a kick-ass reception!

When in doubt, call DJ Breeze to DJ a kick-ass reception!

I would definitely SLOW DOWN! I was so hyped up! Make sure you have someone there that can calm you down and be kinda strict about the getting ready times. My girls were coming and going for about 45 minutes-forgetting things at their house, etc. I would also like to have done a picture of my groom and I with a wall or something between us.


I wished I had everything done in advance and not running around like a chicken with it's head cutoff on my wedding day


Make a list. So I could've made sure I had my favors out that I'd bought. I had cute cups but nobody knows that.


After setting my wedding date, I shopped and bought my wedding dress next. After paying for the alterations for my dress and all the wedding/reception expenses, I would have spent more on my dress and got the dress truly loved rather than the one that I liked but was less expensive.

Katya had NO regrets with this gorgeous dress! See more on   their wedding gallery.

Katya had NO regrets with this gorgeous dress! See more on their wedding gallery.

Observe your DJ perform before booking: Complete run through of all the important songs with the DJ. We thought we hired a professional DJ. We provided all the selected songs and wedding ceremony and reception timeline. The DJ was also present for the walk through; however, we never went to see the DJ work or perform. Our DJ was late, had the music selection confused (one of my day of the event coordinators had to stand over his shoulder to get the music played correctly) and he did not play our first song dance. For a first song slow dance, my husband and I looked at each other and said “what song is this?” we don’t know, well let’s stop dancing. If you do not have firsthand experience with the DJ, actually see him perform. Or During the walk through, make the DJ play at least 30 seconds of every song. However, at the end of the day it was no big deal but our DJ was very bad but all our other vendors were prefect.


I would've made koozies if I'd known that the bartenders weren't going to actually pour the beer into cups like they were supposed to.


My flower girl started crying right before I was about to walk down the aisle. I kept her with me. If I had a do over, I would've left her in the back. Sorry... I'm not sorry. 😳😁


We had a professional florist provide the boutiques, boutonnieres, ceremony decorations and we ordered Do IT Yourself (DIY) flowers for the reception dinner tables. The DIY were lovely and people commented that they were arranged beautifully. People took the DIY centerpieces home. The flowers from the florist were absolutely gorgeous. I had never seen flowers with such large buds and radiant color. When I saw the flowers from the florist, I literary cried and said I would have gladly spent more money on the flowers. My do over would be to have the florist provide all the flowers or 80% of the flowers for the wedding and reception.

I loved all the pics from my wedding but I wish I would have had some type of video from my wedding. I had a friend that did a video that had a mix of events before the wedding as well as the ceremony and reception. It was a mixture of video and pictures with really cute music to it. That's would have been cool to do.


So there you have it...I'll admit this was quite an interesting selection of Do-Over's. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my next blog post: Advice from REAL Brides!

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