Engagements with Caitlin & John Mark

If you're not having fun with your photos, why bother?

Caitlin and John Mark indulging my strange sense of humor.

Caitlin and John Mark indulging my strange sense of humor.

I photographed Caitlin and John Mark engagement session a few Saturday's ago in downtown Hot Springs. I love downtown Hot Springs for photos, but it poses one HUGE challenge....tourists.

And lots of tourists.

It's not easy to photograph in downtown Hot Springs on a busy Saturday with near-perfect early fall weather and NOT get some random tourist in the background. But this session worked perfectly. John Mark is a HUGE history buff (and a history teacher) so the historic Bath House Row was the perfect location.

After we left downtown Hot Springs, we leaded off for photos at Gulpha Gorge. Gulpha Gorge is located on the east side of Hot Springs Mountain. It's close to downtown Hot Springs, yet in a wooded setting, isolated from the urban areas. I've never photographed at this location before but it certainly did not disappoint. The old mill was my favorite.

After Gulpha Gorge, I thought we were wrapped. We piled back into John Mark's truck and as they were taking me back to my car, I spotted a wonderful, old mural I had never seen before. It was advertising Tom Moore Cigars for ten-cents a piece. The paint was peeling, the colors were muted, moss and lichen was growing in spots....and it was perfect.

The building itself dated back to the 1920s so it was my guess that this mural was original to the building. I'm so glad someone has not decided to "save" the mural by repainting it.

It's texture and patina is what makes it so perfect.