Bridals with Katya

Sometimes, it's unexpected that makes it all the better.

Katya Griffiths Farmer

Katya Griffiths Farmer

I photographed Katya bridal's session on September 11th. For days and days, heavy rain was in the forecast. Katya wanted mostly an outdoors location for her bridal session. So after doing a little research on her own and with my strong suggestion of choosing a location with both and indoor and outdoor option, she chose Marlsgate Plantation in Scott.

Due to Katya's work schedule and upcoming trips out of town, rescheduling her photo shoot was not an option. So we waited...and waited.

At Noon, Marlsgate even called Katya to ask about rescheduling. Much to their surprise, she said no. We're pressing on.

Just about 2 p.m., an hour before our photo shoot, the rain finally stopped and much to my shock, the pavement outside of Marlsgate was dry. I had bought a few clear plastic shower curtains for her to stand on just in case.

Also joining us for her bridal session was Paul with Sunflower Films who came along to film B-roll, a few vingetttes for his wedding film for she and Peter. He also helped me lug my gear around too so a big thanks to Paul.

We had both hoped for sunny skies but it wasn't to be. I didn't care and neither did she. When you get to work with a beauty like this...who needs sunny skies.

Katya shined in her own way.